Question Can 3 rams work dual channel and single channel at the same time?


Apr 20, 2017
i have a old gaming laptop, purchased it on 2019, i can still play modern games easily on moderate settings with 60+ fps, but i have 2x4= 8 gb dual channel ram and i think its holding me back a little, wanna upgrade it to 16 gigs, but 2x8 dual channel ram kits are kinda expensive, so if i just get 1x8 gb ram, and make it 16 gigs, do i lose the dual channel ? or 2x4 and 1x8 will work dual channel and single channel respectively? i know 2x8 would give me better performance but just wanted to ask...
So, don't guess, know.

Download and install HWinfo. Run it and choose "Sensors only" . Leave HWinfo running and open your game or whatever you think is using more than 8GB and run it as you would normally until you feel you've encountered whatever you normally encounter that makes you usually think you're lacking RAM.

Go ahead and play for a while if you want. Then close the game, take a look at the column listing in the first section of HWinfo in the minimum and maximum columns for Physical memory used and Physical memory available. Take a screenshot.

Post it here as explained in the following link.