Question Can a 1200va AVR be enough for my 600w PSU?


Jan 29, 2014

Don´t suggest UPS or ask for the AVR model, just answer the question, please.

So yeah, my Surge Protector somehow was the cause of my PC being unstable lately (Freezing and shutting down, even unable to POST in the most severe case).

Thought it was the PSU, which I was ready to send it over, but then it clicked me to do a simple process of elimination, so I started with the Surge Protector, and that was the reason, lol.

Currently, it´s connected to the wall, so I have quite minimal protection currently, so I have to buy an AVR that is being offered here and fast.

Found an AVR in my store, which is nice and cheap, more expensive than a regular Surge Protector, so it should be more than enough.

But it´s 1200va, which I don´t know if it will support my 600w PSU (And yeah, the PC is working fine now, can play games, no issues now, hopefully, 3 days so far without any incidence).

Can I buy this AVR knowing it´s safe for my PSU to deliver the right amount of power to my PC from that AVR?

Thank you for your answers.