[SOLVED] Can a 1650 super run cyberpunk 1080p?

Dunno if this is relevant but can a 7 3700x and 1650 super run cyberpunk 2077 on 1080p ultra?

No, not really.

Check out this graph of Cyberpunk PGU performance right here:


The 1650 Super can run some older games or non-AAA games at 1080p ultra, but Cyberpunk is extremely demanding. You'll need at a mimimum a RTX 2060 with DLSS to get something approaching a stable 60 fps.
You will get about 30FPS which is just on the edge of being OK. I'd go for custom settings and slowly turn everything down until you hit 60FPS.

I agree in principal with what you are saying, but with a 1650 Super even turning everything down to medium at 1080p will only result in 45 fps average with dips into the 30s. Take a look:


You'd basically have to turn everything down to low to hit anything close to 60 fps which kind of negates the point of playing a visual showcase like Cyberpunk in the first place.