Question can a Cooler Master argb fan work with an antec controller?


Jun 1, 2015
My motherboard( ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING ) doesn't have an RGB header.
I have bought Antec Prizm Cooling Matrix which comes with a controller then I bought Antec Prizm 120 ARGB Case fan and this fan was working fine with the controller.
But then I bought Cooler Master MF120 S3 but it's light not glowing with the controller which comes with Antec Prizm Cooling Matrix.
So I thought it was faulty and replaced now I am waiting for the new one to come.
But I have doubt that it could be possible that the cooler master ARGB fan does not work with the Antec controller ?
Can anybody tell me what could be the reason?


I am pretty sure both fan types come with TWO cables on each. One has a FAN connector with 4 holes to plug into the FAN ports of that Controller. The other is a wider connector with 3 holes - it looks like it had 4, but hole #3 is blocked off. This plugs into a LED port of that Controller. The connectors on the two fan models should be the same. And yes, BOTH should work when both cables from each fan are plugged into respective Controller ports. One small item. SOME controllers want you to use LED lighting ports 1 and 2 first when you have two units fans with lights. MAYBE ensure that the CoolerMaster one is in LED port 1, just in case the dual lighting system in the Antex system confuses anything, but I really doubt that.