Question can a Dell Optiplex 9010 MT stock PSU handle a gtx 1650 (no 6pin connector) ?

Nov 3, 2020
Yes i know that there are plenty of youtube videos that show that it works, but im not sure about long term use.

I'll give information about my system

I7 3770 3,4GHZ (77TDP)
2x8gb ddr3 ram
120gb ssd and 1T+tb HDD

information about my PSU
Max combined load on the 12VA and 12VB output shall not exceed 240w
Max continuous total dv outputs shall not exceed 275w
and it has a 80 Plus gold
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Figure if, for the worst case:
  • the processor MIGHT spike up as high as 100W
  • the GTX 1650 MIGHT spike up as high as 85W
  • the rest of your system MIGHT, if maxed out, use 50W
And you're looking at a total or 235W. That, if it ever happens at all, as I find it unlikely that anything would simultaneously run your GPU, CPU, fans, RAM, HDD, and everything else on the motherboard at 100% all at once. Further, I might well be overestimating third item in my list above.

Is it a bit of a gamble? Yes. Is it likely to work for some time? Also yes. Should you look for a PSU upgrade? Yes. Or, at the very least, avoid anything that would max out your system completely for any period of time.

I would throw in the caveat that older Dells tend to be notoriously finicky about working with newer GPUs (typically because of a BIOS limitation on the older Dells), but if there are YouTube videos showing it works, then it should be ok.
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Nov 3, 2020
I thought that the gtx 1650 with no 6 pin connector couldn't pass the 75w since that's the max that the pcie x16 slot would give it. Anyway is there a difference between the 1050 ti and the 1650 in term of power usage and would i be more safer if i go with the 1050 ti
No. They are both rated at 75W. When I talk about passing that power level, I'm trying to make a worst-case assumption that might never happen.

If such spikes occur, they would be very brief (milliseconds, I think).