Question Can a display cause coil whine in the GPU?

Mar 29, 2022
Hi guys,

I am struggling with a very annoying issue for several weeks now and I am slowly getting desperate because I simply cannot find a solution:

I bought a new computer a couple of weeks ago (new mainboard, RAM, CPU, PSU) and only kept my previous GPU (GeForce RTX 2060) and my monitor (LG 144Hz gaming monitor).

I had no issues with my previous rig, but the new computer emitted a very serious buzzing noise (coil whine) right from the start when playing games or running benchmarks.
The intensity of the coil whine greatly varied - it was louder in older games and much less noticeable in newer / more demanding ones or benchmarks.

At first I was not sure where the coil whine actually came from. I also opened various threads here on the board during my "investigation".
But by now I am certain it's the GPU.

What is strange (and driving me absolutely crazy) is this:

I replaced ALL components (PSU, mainboard, CPU, RAM) step by step with completely different components (ASUS motherboard with MSI, AMD CPU with Intel, Seasonic PSU with beQuiet, Corsair RAM with Kingston) to identify the source of the faulty component, but the coil whine is still there. I even tried a different GPU (GeForce RTX 3080) and that one had some serious coil whine as well...

Interestingly however, when I put my RTX 2060 in my wife's computer, it is absolutely quiet.

Yesterday I did some more experiments and noticed (by accident) that the coil whine is (almost) gone when I use a different monitor with a lower refresh rate (Philips 75Hz business monitor instead of my usual LG 144Hz gaming monitor), or when I connect only 1 monitor to my GPU (I usually run a 3 monitor setup).
Both approaches reduce (almost eliminate) the GPU coil whine significantly. So even when I only use my LG 144Hz (and disconnect my two other monitors) it is significantly improved.

As soon as I can I will put the graphics card in my wife's computer again and connect my 144Hz display to her PC to see if I can replicate the coil whine there (she also uses 3 monitors).

However, I never heard of any cases where a specific monitor can cause coil whine. And my GPU and monitor worked very well together before - I never had any such issues before upgrading the rest of my components.

I am slowly getting desperate because I simply don't understand what exactly is causing this issue. Any ideas / suggestions / tips would greatly be appreciated.