Can a faulty (non OS) harddrive prevent the PC from booting up?


Aug 9, 2012
Recently I have been having some trouble with my PC. Sometimes when I press the power button the PC turns on (fans spin, LED's shine, DVD drive works etc) but it refuses to actually boot (the keyboard, mouse and monitor don't turn on). This doesn't always happen but it does most of the time (I have about a 33% chance of the PC actually booting up). Everything in my PC is 1 year old, except for my harddrive (I run the OS on a SSD. HDD is like 4 years old) and a thing that I have noticed is that when my PC actually successfully boots the HDD makes a clicking sound and the motherboard beeps (like normal) but when it doesn't boot the HDD makes no sound at all (no beep either). Before opening up my PC and testing I wanna ask: Can a faulty HDD prevent the PC from booting up?

If it's giving the psu irregular power spikes then yes it can make it do that.

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