Can a frayed USB connector cable cause POST issues?


Nov 18, 2010
Hi all

I decided to clean my system 2 days ago. Having bought air dusters from Staples I went on a great cleaning spree for my PC. I removed all components from the board, unseated the CPU, removed all fans and then an air duster to lightly dust off the MoBo. I did the same all fans, along with some light scrubbing. I used a vaccum for my case.

Then I put everything back except a few changes - changed the direction and position of the CPU fan on my CM Hyper 212 plus, for better air flow. And disconnected an AC97 audio connector from the top panel of my CM 690 case.

But when I put my system back, it would not post. A pin test of my OCZ StealthXstream II OCZ600SXS2 PSU showed that it works, but when I turn the system on all I get is the LED standby of my ASUS M4888TD-EVO mobo and the DRAM LED to light up. No beeps, nothing, but then my mobo has no speaker...!

I went looking for the issue and found out that all seems right - including mobo seating, CPU position, connections for power and all else I could think of. Except this - the top panel of my case has an USB connector cable that I connect to a port on my Mobo. Unfortunately during the cleaning this somehow got frayed and looks like its cut.

My question is - will this cause my issue with the PC not booting? Could it interfere with the I/O setup or something like that? I even tried to turn it on after disconnecting this cable - still the same result.

Thanks for reading.


None of your fans start up at all? I know that when you clean fans with compressed air, you are supposed to use something to prevent the blades from spinning (tooth-pick, something non-conducive to be safe) because the compressed air can get them spinning past their rated speeds, damaging them. I think if your CPU fan is not working it will not boot but I am not completely sure, make sure that looks like it is not damaged. I suppose some how the frayed wire could shorted on itself and damaged the MOBO but I cannot be sure.