Question Can a gt 730 run on a 200w psu?


Will it work? Well, lets see.

A 730 GT will draw a max of 49W from the PCI Slot.
A AMD a8-8650b is a 65W CPU
Add 15W for the rest of the system
129W Total This is assuming your turning of the IGPU from the BIOS.

Typically you want to draw less than 60% load.

65% of a 200W supply is 129W

That is a bit high but still safe, another thing to consider is power supply degradation which affects all supplies regardless of the quality as they age. Your supply is 5 years old so I would give it a 10% reduction "180W" total. It's a Delta so the quality is moderately good and they typically are at least a plus rating.

72% of 180W is 129W

This is uncomfortable and I would only use a load like that on high-end efficient supplies which that is not, you could power the GPU up and it will work but the overall life of your power supply is going to be greatly diminished.
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