Question Can A Hard Disk Failure Cause This?

Sep 27, 2020
Hello Guys, I just need some help regarding a new problem that my PC has.

When I was using the computer, the power went out. After it came, I tried to open the PC and the following happened:
-Pressed the power button
-The power LED turned on
-The HDD LED Also turned on, but turned off after 2 seconds.
-No signal on the monitor.
-The light in the mouse turns on.
-The keyboard doesn't respond to caps-lock or Num-Lock keys (The LEDs do not turn off or on).
-The PC remains on forever, but nothing else happens. Inside, only the fans turn on. I also realized that a cracking sound my PC usually makes (I suspect it is from my hard drive) is no longer there.

Does this mean this is a problem from my hard drive? Or there is a more serious problem my PC has? (Like a motherboard or a VGA card failure)
Can A Hard Drive Failure cause such a thing?
Also, are there any DIY fixes I can make? (I have ejected and placed the RAMs multiple times, also removed and put back the CMOS battery, but to no avail)

Please I need answers.
Thank you very much!


Power surge or spike during the power outage has probably damaged the power supply or one of your components.

Best thing to do for now would be to remove everything that you don't need.

Motherboard, single stick of memory, CPU, and the power supply is minimum you need. System should still post without a display. If you have PC Speaker or buzzer it will beep once for a successful boot. If any of those components aren't working, then you are kind of stuck. Otherwise, just installing one component at a time until you find the problem component. A shorted component can prevent a computer from POSTing.

Power supply would be the likely culprit (if it did a proper job of protecting the system). If you have a multimeter handy you can check the 3.3, 5V, and 12V coming out of the power supply. Any one of those dead and it won't work. If that checks out, probably looking at taking it to someone who has access to other parts to test with, or a computer repair shop.

Nothing else, pull the hard drive and put it in another system to see if you can retrieve any needed files.