Can a hard drive bottleneck?


May 5, 2011
I am using a really old harddrive (bought it around 5 years ago) and other people who have simliar gaming rig as me get way more fps than me in any game.

For example, in battlefield 3 I only get around 35 to 45 fps but other people who have same graphic card and cpu get stable 50 to 55 fps.

For gta 4 , i get only 18 fps and almost every game gives me really unstable fps. The fps goes up and down rapidly when i move.

My graphic card is radeon 7870 and the rest spec is on the pic below

No, all that an old HDD will do is cause slower load times, GTA4 is also not very well optimised, there are ways to improve it using the LargeAddressAware fix but to help with other graphics problems a good idea is to uninstall the display driver, download driversweeper from and get it to clean out the AMD display drivers, then reinstall the latest driver, this has fixed many graphics problems i have had in the past when updating drivers.


Feb 25, 2009

the hdd shouldnt really slow it down too much not to the extent your saying maybe they have quicker ram than you or have overclocked chips. the motherboard chipset is a cheaper one but that shouldnt affect it to much either i would blame drivers and when was last time you did a full reinstall hdds fill up with *** and slow down, i try to do a reinstall every year at the very least, you would be suprised how much snappier it will get by just doing that.


Aug 14, 2015
I run GTA 5 off of my external HDD, it sounds wrong but I am getting half the FPS I used to get while I ran it off of my SSD

GTA 5/ Online

high/very high
33fps vs the 50+ I would get normally (in the same parts of the game, same environment)

PC specs

Core i5 4460
GTX 750ti 2GB
Samsung 850 evo SSD (120GB)

(GTA 5 running off my HP Simple Save 1TB Ext HDD)

I did this as an experiment, and the game tends to freeze often with the ext HDD, micro stutters and FPS drops are regular.
Planning on getting a 250GB Kingston SSD, for a total of 370GB, should be enough to run a bunch of other games for a while. (I'd go for the 500GB model but here in India things tend to cost twice as much as they do in the west, and I am also a student planning on getting the heck outta this country saving for college abroad :p)

Oh, and does anyone know of a cheap gaming laptop? The Acer Aspire E15 is a good deal but it's a 940M, I am looking for a 950M or better, according to the benchmarks the 960M barely comes close to the 750ti, is there a cheaper alternative? Thanks in advance, stay positive!


Jun 23, 2017
You might want to upgrade or just get a new rig.

But no, your hard drive should not be a bottleneck for your ingame preformance. The only thing that it effecs is the loading time.