Can A HD 6850 Run On My Dell 375w PSU?

Apparently your psu does have a 6 pin connector so you can probably run a HD6850 if you have one.
GTX650 would be a similar situation.

If you are buying a discrete graphics card, look for a GTX1050 which is stronger and does not need aux power.
Jan 23, 2019

Will there be any problem with hd 6850 running with my psu? I mean will it run fine power wise, I mostly play cs go 4 hours a day.

Sorry I am new to these things.
You do what you gotta do.
I am not keen on overloading a power supply.
If a psu fails when overloaded, it can damage anything it is connected to.

If you have all the parts, go ahead and try them out.

If you are buying parts, spend a bit more and do it right.
The Dell PSU is a quality part and it can support up to a 150W GPU. The only time it would have an issue is if you used a 6 to 8 pin adapter to run a GPU over 150W. Then the multi rail PSU would probably shut down. The Hd 6850 is listed as a 127W GPU. I'm running a GTX1060 on that same PSU and a 120W X5470 Xeon. Don't worry about it.