[SOLVED] Can a HDD be faulty while having 100% health?

Mar 14, 2020
Hello everyone. I've had frustrating experiences with my Samsung HDD which apparently has 100% health and performance according to Hd Sentinel but it shows problems while booting up. Sometimes the windows loading screen gets stuck, sometimes it loads and then shows a black screen which takes forever to load until im into windows. After it does boot up(a million failed attempts later), windows is INCREDIBLY slow despite having next to no startup programs. It takes me approx 45 minutes to boot into windows and be able to get into steam and run a game, after which the pc is smooth , games run fine, and its slow again when i exit the game.

Also, when it gets stuck and I force reset it, pc boots straight into bios and doesnt recognize the hdd until I plug the entire thing out and start again, after which i still dont know whether it would boot fine or not.

specs( if that is any relevant); i5 4570, 8gigs ram, rx 560 2gb, asus b85 pro gamer mobo and antec 500w 80+earthwatts psu

Please lemme know what could be the issue. I just got this pc a month ago and it was fine until I started installing all my frequently used programs(steam csgo adobe premiere after effects etc)