Question Can a i5-6600 handle 2400mhz ram

Jul 20, 2019
So the max rated frenquency of the processor is 2133mhz i believe but they are quite hard to find in my country and for that matter quite expensive too.Yet I can find a corsair vengeance 2x8GB/16GBkit at a fair price no problem only difference is the frequency is 2400mhz. And yes my motherboard is an asus strix h270f and it is rated for 2133 and 2400mhz
CPU can handle it just fine.
Problem is your motherboard - Asus strix h270f. It doesn't support overclocking.
2400mhz ram will run at 2133mhz instead.

You could use 3000mhz ram on your pc as well, but it will still run only at 2133mhz.
Not true, that motherboard supports up to 2400mhz

The fact Intel says the cpu runs at 2133mhz doesn’t matter. It’s common for some motherboards to allow support for faster RAM.