Can a integrated graphics motherboard support a dedicated game server?


Sep 10, 2010

Using a AMD chipset say 880g, 785g or a 780g or would I be best suited adding a card if so what is overkill (lordie a whole batch of questions pop than)? How much is enough Clock speed, memory on the GPU than?

The unit is hosting Halo "Combat Evolved" and "TeamSpeak" nothing really taxing I'm hoping, not sure if the two are considered a intensive resource eating environment though.

Or for that matter if the very nature of a "dedicated gaming server" is a "local resource" eating environment......, Is it?

And than there is "security" which brings another question to light will "Norton 360" work for such a unit if not what would work I'm not sure?

Really I'm trying to not get a hardware issue of where a bottle neck occurs at least not from the hardware side with in reason is that possible keeping in mind that apps. will and do bottle neck does that make sense? I don't want overkill when building it. Balance I guess is what I'm looking for

Poppasmurf :wahoo:

( Big 'ole holler to anyone with knowledge of "dedicated gaming servers" please help! )
Yes, the graphics card is unimportant in a server, all it needs a a good CPU, RAM, disk transfer rate, and a fast upload speed. (I used to host game servers myself, in addition to Teamspeak(which I still host))

Halo:CE wont require much CPU/RAM wise so even a box thats a few years old should be good.

I double checked it on the web.
Says which I thought. Server graphics doesnt matter, allt he matters is the clients (gamers) graphics cards.

Norton 360 may end up being a hassle when making a server due to its "protection" and bottleneck it with active scanning and protection. If this is just a server and wont be browsing the web something like Microsoft Security Essestials would work great (its free).

Hope this solves all your questions!

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