Question can a low psu cause frame drops

Sep 14, 2019
So i cant find out if its my power supply that is causing my pc not to run at its real performance. I always see benchmarks with similar specs as me but they have way better performance than me. I already know that my psu is low thats why im asking is my psu actually the reason of bad performance. Im getting a new psu Today but just wanted to post this anyway to see what responses i get. Thank you for your time!
Pc specsmotherboard: Msi B450m gaming plus
PowerSupply: evga 400w
Cpu: Ryzen 7 1700 3.0Ghz
Ram: 16Gb corsair 3000mhz
Gpu: msi gtx 1660 super
i also use 2 monitors if that matters. only one for right now because the other one broke but getting a new one soon.

if you could also recommend me a new psu that will work with my build. THANK YOU!


Mar 14, 2020
Well, even tho i'm not exactly sure what's the cause (well, certainly either high ripple or bad voltage regulation or both) but i did indeed observe PCs that should be relatively fast being very slow on garbage-bin level PSUs which then after PSU replacement for smth remotely decent became noticeably faster. And EVGA N1 400W certainly qualifies as garbage level. A PSU recommendation is not possible without knowing what's available to you, or rather it is possible but the list would be very long (and we already have one, the tier list pinned at the top). Tell us where you are from, link some stores if it's not first world and what's your budget.