Question Can a magnet kill my power supply?

Aug 3, 2019
A few weeks ago, my PC was working perfectly. No problems. Until we moved the room around and moved the PC to another corner of the room. It worked fine still, used it over the weekend for assignments. It wasn't until a week later after not using it for a while, it wasn't turning on at all. I tested the power outlet, the power cable and the power supply. It wouldn't turn on when I used to paper clip with the green and black cables. So the power supply is probably dead, and after looking at it I found a magnet at the bottom of my case which I have no idea how or when it got there, but it took a bit of pulling to take it off. Could this be the source of my power supply dying, or was it due its time? It's a few years old, maybe 5 by now.

Also, is it possible that my other components could be damaged? I read that magnets aren't as bad as they have been made out to be, but since I can't turn it on I can't tell whether the hard drive, CPU or GPU are damaged.