Question Can a microphone of any sort be run to two computers?


Sep 27, 2015
Not sure where to put this. My SO has recently got into PC gaming, and shes looked high and low for a pink headset, we tried the pink kraken and for the price tag it was not good at all, really dissapointing headphones, theres the asus ROG headphones but lets face it, nobody just getting into gaming on a mid teir system wants to drop £130 on a headset, there are litterally no other half decent pink headsets around, other than trolling ebay to find a hyper x cloud pink thats crusty as hell. So my final thought was get a mod mic and look for normal headphones, that should give me a much wider search area, well today my headset has decided to give up the ghost after about the 1 millionth drop on the floor from a moving chair, its served me well, I was thinking however this provides and interesting opportunity, if its possible...

As we game next to eachother and often are in the same discord calls ect, is theyre any way we could get a desk / studio mic, like the audio technica ones or a yeti ect ect and connect that to both computers, just so the PTT function could be used, we could just connect this to one computer and both talk through one mic, but I think it would be more usefull if we had the option to do so from any computer without crawling underneath the desk to get to the PCs. An initial google said its not possible, but there must be a sollution, im sure in the music industry there must be a point where one microphone needs to be recieved by two devices. Im sure of it, I just cant think how. Any help appreciated.