Can a Nvidia GTX 670 run with this psu?


Sep 22, 2012
I have emachines ET1862 (
*a bit embarrassing for a gamer :??: *

Processor:- Intel Core i3 540 @3.07ghz (Max TDP:-70w)
Core Speed:-3059.4 MHZ
Core Voltage:- 2.904V

Motherboard:- Supports PCI x16

RAM:-4GB DDR3 ram (going to upgrade this ;) )
NB frequency:-2128.3 MHZ

Graphics card:-Nvidia Geforce 210 1 gb (Now you know why i want to upgrade :( )

Power Supply(PSU):-max 250W

Side notes:-
My DVD drive is broken so I unplugged the power cable from it
I am thinking of removing the fan too since i keep my case open (it is facing outside so I dont think that is useful....I would like to have your suggestion on what to do with the fan too as my computer often gets overheated)

I have done the above mentioned things to decrease my power usage so will a Nvidia gtx 670 work on it? or do i have to get a psu?If so please mention whether i should buy a 500w or a 1000w

Thank you :)



Jul 1, 2012
Im 100% sure that a GTX 670 will never be able to run on a 250 watt power supply, from what I know the GTX 670 requires 170 watts. Nvidia's website states it recommends a 500 watt power supply which is more than enough, based on your system you can get a quality 450 watt power supply to save money rather than buying a 1000 watt power supply. For the brands of your power supplies I suggest going with antec, corsair, xfx, pc power and cooling,seasonic, enermax and maybe the high end cooler master power supplies. Also in response to your dvd-drive I dont think they use alot of watts maybe 20 watts at most. Also to your open case, I highly suggest you plug the fan back and close the case, dust will build up rapidly which will only make your problems worse. Aside from the fan should be in exhaust position since you want to expel the hot air building up. If you feel the fan is not adequate then you can replace it with a better one.

Anyways here is a link to a power supply that will work with the gtx 670:

If you can I would like a picture of your computer case with the side panel open just to see the airflow direction in the case and recommendations to make it cooler. Also can you tell me your computer temperatures at idle and load (like playing a game or converting a movie), download the program HWmonitor to find your temperatures and post it on here so we can see if overheating is a problem.

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