[SOLVED] Can a really bad Download/Upload speed affect latency (ping) ?

May 23, 2019
What i've understood is that latency is the time it takes for a signal to travel from point A to point B and to come back from point B to point A. Download/Upload speed would be the amount of data that is Received or Sent in 1 "trip", so, in theory, they should be unrelated.
My question is: Could a really slow Download/Upload speed affect latency ? Could it create some kind of saturation ? Would a person with 0.01 Mbps upload speed still get the exact same ping as a person with 1000 Mbps upload speed from the same source to the same destination ?
It's all about packet density, or the mount of data you need.

So if you have the same computer jumps to the server you are going to, and the packets are say 10kb, then in theory there should be no difference between someone who has a fibre/adsl connection which is the same either 500kb or 500mb
But if you are talking about comparing ADSL with Fibre, then that can be different.
Affect? YES. You say Saturation, I say Congestion.

Is better if one think of Internet speed as BANDWIDTH and PIPE SIZE, think of water hoses or highways with single lanes (low bandwidth) or multiple lanes (large bandwidth).

The larger the bandwidth, things can flow more freely. Conversely, narrow pipe, and data has to stop, start, like following someone on a 1-lane.
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