Question Can a router report it's public IP to an email?

Dec 5, 2019
Hi all

I'm looking to setup remote access to a setup that is pretty typical for what I do as a job. It is used for monitoring one piece of equipment, and is done through a 4G/LTE router. The equipment has a web interface where you can change many settings, allowing easy maintenance. However, you need to log in directly through the network. I would like to be able to do this remotely.

I know that I can set up DDNS with port forwarding, and this would do exactly what I need. The problem is that I will have high hundreds to low thousands of these setups. I really don't want to have to manage that many different accounts.

What I would like to do is recieve the same information that a DDNS setup sends out. Is there a way to do this, preferably through a router.

I've spent a bit of time looking, but I can't find anything.

Thanks in advance
You first issue is that most 4G systems use carrier based NAT. Your router does not have a public IP in these cases and you can not remotely access it.

The second issue is a router is pretty limited. It will only do the function the manufacture includes you can not run your own programs on the router to do somethings special. You likely do not have the option to run custom firmware because you are using a 4g router. Maybe you can run dd-wrt based router.

I suspect you could setup your own ddns server and put just configure the router with the IP of your server. It does not actually even have to work just the attempted connection will give you the ip address. BUT it does little good if these ip addresses are not the actual ip on the router.

I suspect though the solution is going to be much more complex because of the NAT issue. Your best option is to have the remote location open a vpn connection to some central server you control. You could then access these devices via this vpn. Since the vpn connection is a outgoing connection from the 4g sites the NAT will not cause issues.