Apr 26, 2011
So I harvested a 1000Gb hard drive from a Rogers PVR. The drive spins up and I can see it in disk management the problem is that it shows the size as being just under 8GB. a far way from 1000GB right. If I had DOS I could probably Fdisk it outside of windows but I'm unsure how to do this with Win 10. I suspect I need a way to fdisk this drive outside of windows or maybe there's another way other software that may help me. It must have some sort of format windows can't recognize or is somehow hidden in order to protect it from people who would try and steal the drives because of this I believe they have done something to make it harder to use in computers but I was given the unit by my grandfather and I thought maybe I can use this drive in my machine, The other thing that could be causing the issue is that it is a Video drive so this could actually mean it can't hold regular data. This is why I'm here does anyone know if this drive can be used for data and if it can how do I fdisk it to get access to the rest of the drive?