Question Can a triple shot gpu fit in a Apevia Prodigy micro atx case?


Where I am not specifically familiar with the case you mentioned, most M-ATX cases support "5 slots", but the fans will be very close to the bottom of that point in the case. It would be best to look at specs for the card and case and make sure that the length, width, and height will fit. Should be able to find all that on the manufacturers website(s).
It should be just fine. I took a look at the case:

You can see that it has four slots that can be punched out. On most µATX motherboards that I've seen, the top slot is where the PCI-Express x16 video card slot is which means that you'll still have an empty slot at the bottom for airflow. On ATX motherboards, you'll commonly see a PCIe x4 slot above the main PCIe x16 slot but even then, the card would still fit.

You should be just fine.