Can a video card damage a motherboard


Nov 10, 2009
My nvidia 7700 video card had a couple capacitors start to bulge on the top. So i replaced the card with a nv 6600 gt card, because i had that as a spare. I can watch movies and everything on the card, play most games, but when i try to load World of Warcraft the computer locks up within seconds of loading. Could my motherboard be damaged from the fried 7700 video card. I'm confused because blizzard says their program seems to be operating with all the correct information. If anyone has any ideas what i can do to get this resolved it would be greatly appreciated.
Could you try another game, or better yet, something like 3DMark06? Just to make sure the game is not corrupted or something. Also, did you uninstall then reinstall drivers when you got the new card? And finally, check the temps on the card to make sure it is not overheating.