Can a Wireless router work off of ananother wired router?


Jan 18, 2013
i have a wired only router for my house but my granddaughter wants a wireless connection in her room. her room is 60 feet away form my main 8 way wired router how can i connect a wireless router at her end of my network?


Yes, just turn off DHCP in the second router, set WPA2 security with AES encryption, set a security password (and write it down she will need it), give it a static address in the network range on both the second and main router. Attach it LAN port to LAN port. That all just turns the second router into an access point.

For example, if the main router is and nothing else is static, but rather all assigned by DHCP, make the second router 192.168.0.x where x is between 2 and 254, but outside of the main router allowed DHCP assignment range, which you may have to change if it currently is allowed all addresses.