Can amd drop a hexacore first?


we have no doubt all seen the screenshots of the gulftown wonder strutting its stuff about the interwebs, we know that amd has hexacore server chips as does intel, the last time amd had a first to market was the whole 64bit thing, but since then its been no win with intel being first to market with pretty much every new advancement in microprocessing, the both companies have slated q1 2010 as the time to release hexacore processors

both companies say that the current gen boards will support hexas so the framework is already in place, but recently i got to thinking, what if amd really dropped the first hexa, gulftown would no doubt whup its arse, simulatons have even shown that an amd hexa will be barely neck and neck with an i7 975, but is there really a posiblity that amd can get a hexa out b4 intel?


it would be better if it didn't, they don't want to rush out anothre Phenom I

it would be better if they used their new 1.88 billion dollar profit to spend money on enhancing the hexa core

if they can get back crown position or even go equally with an i9 then AMD can definately get performance crown next year
Intel have been sampling (sending out ES) hex cores for a couple of months.

AMD also has a hex core in production which is the Opti, and I imagine will produce one for the ethusiasts ... it was touted.

More cores give diminishing returns unless the software is heavily multithreaded, and you need very fast memory control and large caches (bandwidth) to make effective use of it.

Looking forward to playing with one though ... Mmmm ...


that would be awesome

but really games can really expand once they multi thread

especially if they do GPGPUs with multi core procs

imagine the eye candy @3560x2580



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