Question Can AMD Radeon Vega use 50hz refresh rate?


Jun 8, 2016
I am thinking of getting a Ryzen 5 system for my next PC, but I don't know if the Radeon Vega graphics it has can run at 50hz?

This is unusual, but my monitor supports 50hz and I use retro computer emulation in the UK, so 50hz is a must, and I just use it for PC gaming too.

So can Radeon Vega graphics (7 or 11) run at 50hz? My current Intel UHD 630 can.
Why wouldn't it be able to? Refresh rate support depends on the TYPE of connection, DVI, HDMI, VGA, Displayport, etc., and it's standard, ie, HDMI 1.2, HDMI 2.0, etc., not the type of graphics card.

And mostly that only determines if it can support HIGH refresh rates, not low ones. Any modern graphics card can support 30hz like most televisions are, up to 60hz, over ANY of the connection types. Higher refresh rates might depend but it's going to depend (In this case) on the MOTHERBOARD because that is what is going to have the ports and what will need to support specific standards.

Any modern motherboard will support MUCH higher refresh rates so I don't see any issue with any of the Vega graphics supporting anything from 30-60hz regardless of whether it's over HDMI or Displayport, which is mainly what any board that supports a CPU with Vega 7 or 11 graphics is going to have. It should work perfectly fine so long as that is the default or supported refresh rate of the monitor.
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A display's refresh rate has no bearing on whether or not a video card will work with it. You might get some screen tearing if you're not using Vsync, but that's about it. Keeping Vsync set at 60Hz (if 50 isn't an option) would minimise the screen-tearing.