Question Can an app or internet connection impact whether or not Dolby Vision activates on a TV?


May 26, 2019
As the title states, can an app or internet connection (wired, wireless, or connection between my house and ISP and/or source location of streaming content) impact when Dolby Vision is activated when streaming Dolby Vision content on a Dolby Vision capable TV? I have a Dolby Vision capable LG LED 4KTV and a 2020 Roku Ultra with Dolby Vision capability. I have noticed while streaming on YouTube lately that in the middle of a streaming video, the Dolby Vision label pops up on my TV screen indicating it is in Dolby Vision mode. The sound also briefly cuts out during the stream when the Dolby Vision logo appears which I assume is part of the process of my TV switching to Dolby Vision mode. As far as I can recall in both YouTube and YouTube TV, if there was Dolby Vision content being streamed, the Dolby Vision logo appeared at the beginning of the stream.

Also, as far as I can recall, even though it is not Dolby Vision, when I watch an HDR capable 4K Blu ray disc, the HDR logo appears at the beginning of the 4K Blu Ray disc movie. My 4K disc player has a manual activation option for Dolby Vision mode, but so far, I have no 4K discs with Dolby Vision. Right now, I do not suspect there to be any problem with my TV or Roku, I went ahead and uninstalled, re-installed, and updated the YouTube app. I also checked on both Disney+ for Dolby Vision content and YouTube TV to see if the Dolby Vision logo appears at the beginning of the streams, but so far nothing. So once again, can an app or internet connection impact the activation of Dolby Vision mode while streaming content?