Question Can an old monitor cause green screen?

Dec 3, 2019

I built a computer almost a year ago. I spent alot of time in Blizzard games and never experienced any issues. But when I switch to other games with more "realistic" graphics I get issues with the entire screen turning green. When it happens I can't do anything, other than turn of the computer manually and restart it. I can usually play for long stretches without any problems, but sometimes it can occur 2-3 times within an hour, which is extremely annoying.

I am certain that I've installed the correct and most recent drivers, so I don't think that the problem lies there.

BUT... monitor is a BenQ GL2450HM, which is pretty old, so I just wanted to check if someone have experienced similar problems using an old LED monitor? I'm thinking about buying a new one, but it would be a shame, if it didn't solve the problem.

PC specs are:

i5 9600kf
RX5700 XT "Red devil"
2 x 8 GB Corsair Vengeance ram (DDR4, 3200MHz)
500 GB Kingston A2000 SSD
Corsair RM750x 750 Watt Power supply
Be quiet "Pure Rock Slim " cooler


First, swap in known working video cables.

Are you able to borrow another known working monitor to test on your computer.

Are you able to try the old BenQ on another known working computer.

Determine if the problem stays with your computer or follows the monitor.

Overall, my thought is that the problem is heat related: could be monitor, GPU, or computer. Try to narrow down the possibilities.