Can any one help me please



Hi I have bought a damaged dell inspiron 1545. I had to re-place the whole outer casing. When I re-placed the casing the little black pushin clip that holds the ribbon band down to the mother board snaped. I don't know what the name of the clip is and I dont know where to buy one from. could any one help me please and tell me where I can purchase one from and the name of it thank you


You might try Dell Computer - they are the one most likely to have a replacement part and to be able to match it.

Before calling you might want to go to their Support/Downloads section and see if you can find the manual for that model and see if it has a picture of the motherboard that might help you identify the part.

If you know the service tag number (which IDs the specific machine - like a serial number) that would be a big help, both in locating the manual and talking with Dell.