Can anyone figure out it's my GPU poor performance or CPU's


Oct 2, 2008
Hi all:
I've got a system, spec listed below:
CPU = Athlon ii x2 3.0G/200MHZ
GPU = ATI (already amd?)Radeon HD4250 w/ DDR3 1.333G
MEM = DDR3 1333MHZ 4G

and there's my old sys spec:
CPU = Pentium D 2.66G/133MHZ
MOBO = giga 945
GPU = Intel GMA 3100
GRAPHIC CARD = ATI Radeon X1600pro w/ DDR2 800mhz
MEM = DDR2 533MHZ 1G

Recently I ran EVERY game coming out from 2008 very slow in my new pc
except in 640 OR 800 resolution. So I turned to old games in my new system, but performance is still very APPEALING.

I ran Farcry (NOT FARCRY 2) and HL2(the 2004 version) in 1024x768, 2xAA,
and I've got BOTH OLD AND NEW PC's GAMING performance:

3dmark03(overall): old=9000 new=5200
3dmark05(overall): old=3800 new=4300
3dmark06(overall): old=2200 new=1950
farcry: old=70-140 fps, new = 15 - 40 fps(esp. IN WATER SCENE!)
hl2: old = 40-100 fps, new = 40 - 50fps(HEY WHAT MAGIC have done to my new system?)
Call of duty 4: old=10-20fps, new=20-40fps(both under 800x600)
Call of duty 5: old=5-30fps, new=30-100fps(both under 640x480)(SOUNDS REASONABLE)

and I tested on CPU and mem:
Sciencemark2: old = 700 new = 1900
Cinebench 2003: old = 450 new = 850
Everest mem-bandwith: old =2500M new = 9500Mb~10Gb
Everest latency : old= 110ns new=52ns
3dmark03(CPU): old = 700 new = 1400
3dmark06(CPU): old = 1400 new = 2500~2600
Superpi 1.04M: old = 55sec, new = 25 sec

I'm comfused, for my new CPU is 2~4 TIMES PERFORMANCE than
the old one(except memory latency, which is LOWER=BETTER :pt1cable: )
in nearly every CPU and mem test. Is a 4250 DDR3 really lower than 1600 DDR2? or something wrong with my CPU?

I really thanks for advice.


The x1600 pro is a lot faster than your onboard POS gpu.

The ram clock is not important if your GPU is so slow.

I suspect that the X1600 is an AGP card? if not then slap it into your new mobo. If it is AGP then you need to buy a decent graphics card.
Firstly , on the new rig you have the onboard GPU functioning. Thus all the benchmarks are going to be higher for the CPU stress Programs, and not to forget that the AII X2 is a work horse so that is going to be higher.
You are comparing it to an older rig with an Addon GPU thus the graphics benches are going to be better than a onboard GPU.

Just try the benches again after you put a new GPU into the Athlon II X2 rig.....
You'll be amazed.

If you really want to see the big difference between the 2 rigs, I'd suggest just remove the X1600 and use the Onboard GPU (Intel GMA 3100) and run those tests and benches again.


Oct 2, 2008

Thanks, that's a good idea. This is what i always want to do.
And yes, my x1600 is agp x8. :fou: I wonder that if I plug the
x1600 right into my new pc's pcie slot, it will only generate smoke..

Anyway, I found in 2005's game (farcry and hl2),
when the resolution is 640 the newer ones wins by
a large scale, and fairly equal in 800, then the older
wins by 50%-100% in 1024.