Can anyone find a benchmark for BF3 close to these specs:


Mar 6, 2012
My system is:
Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.5Ghz
2x2GB Corsair XMS3 1333Mhz
GT240 512MB
CIT 550W

Can anyone find a benchmark for BF3 close to these specs please?
I just want to find out how well my current system would run it, i would get the specs my self but i havent bought the game yet.

Ill be upgrading my PSU and graphics card soon to GTX560 Ti or maybe GTX660 Ti when it comes out and depending on the price.
Does anyone know if my current CPU and memory with a different graphics card (560Ti or 660Ti) will be able run BF3 Ultra settings in 1080p with >55-60 fps?

Thanks in advance.
the quad will be fine, the GPU will suffer horribly even at low you'll struggle unless you drop the resolution. Either buy it before the new card (so you get that lovely feeling of wow its worth it), or there are/were some cards that came with it.

560ti will be fine at 1080p at medium/high, but not ultra, 1GB of vram may not be enough. Hope that the 660ti has more memory. Though the 570's are now a lot cheaper.


Feb 10, 2012
Sidenote... Thats a horrible PSU.

On topic. The GT240 will struggle with BF3 even at low settings the 512MB VRAM will simply get eaten up and be lacking. I wouldnt bother till the GPU upgrade as you will probably get a negative feel for the game with the 240.