Question Can anyone help with a PC that loses display in hard to run games but does not stop running?


Nov 15, 2014
Alright so i'll start with a parts list and move on from there as this issue is killing me. if this is the wrong place to post this let me know where to xpost thanks guys.

IMPORTANT EDIT: so i just used teamviewer to see what error comes up when i crash. it says my nvidia 970 cannot be ejected or unplugged! any ideas why my PC thinks its being unplugged?

So the Build, I have part numbers for all the EVGA products if we have trouble seeing them.

Motherboard: EVGA z97 FTW

Processor: I7 4790k Not overclocked

RAM: corsair 16gb ddr3 xmp 1866mhz

Powersupply: Evga SuperNova 850 g2

Graphics card: Evga GTX 970 Superclocked ACX 2.0 not overclocked

Storage: A samsung 250gb ssd and 2 various 7200 hdds.

OS: windows 7 is running on this system, this problem got worse with Windows 10 a year or 2 ago so i downgraded to see if 7 ran better. It did for awhile (say a month or so) but this issue always returns

So lets move to the problem here. seemingly randomly but 90% of the time while gaming in tougher to run games (Escape from Tarkov and others)

I will hear a beep from windows sounding a lot like the beep you get when windows notices you are using a lot of system resources and asks you if you'd like to change the desktop to saves some resources. although I cannot confirm that is what is happening as i can get through that pop up sometimes.

But it feels like it tabs out of my game and in between its black screen it does not ever give me any display anymore and I'm still staring at a black screen. I can still hear my game I can still hear the video I was watching but nothing can be done to get display back short of a hard restart.

I've had this issue for at least a year or 2 maybe 3 and i haven't been able to get it under control. an OS wipe will get rid of it for a month or so. last time I changed what slot my GPU was in and it hasn't done the crash in well over six months but last night and today its back with a vengeance and I already tried to change GFX card slots and that fixed it for 1 whole game and then the next it crashed.

Temps are looking pretty high GPU idle is 56C and CPU at 43C so a new cooler is probably needed. EDIT: so after leaving the PC running I came back to everything in about 30C. while playing tarkov it gets to about 70C so i dont think its a thermal issue. I played the rest of the night with only one "crash" but sadly i did not have afterburner saving logs so ill have to make it crash again.

I ran a MEM test on it and it passed

let me know if you need any other info,
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How old is that Evga SuperNova 850 g2? Was it new, refurbished, or installed from another computer?

Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for error codes and warnings that correspond with the times that display is lost.