Question Can anyone please help me diagnose the problem of my motherboard

Feb 7, 2021
Hi, I have an MSI MS-7529 VER 1.6 G31TM-P21 Motherboard when I try to turn it on the fan only moves slightly, then after I try to turn it on again nothing happens till I remove the power cord from power supply and reinsert it, then the same thing happens,, on my third attempt to turn it on, a chip like component in the center of cpu socket got blown, I checked another msi motherboard that's similar but it didn't have that component,it did though have the spot to put that in, but it just didn't have one in, the component has a positive and negative sign on it, that's blown off, this happened after trying to turn on the motherboard without cpu , to check if issue is with the processor, Power supply has no issues, ram also has no issues. Please help me out.