Can anyone recommend HP m9180f, m9260f or m9340f?


Sep 25, 2008
I am about ready to jump into a new pc.

Choices at this point are; I hope that my info is accurate...

1. HP Elite m9180f 2.66ghz, Q6700 Quad, 4gb DDR, Geforce 8800GT 512mb, 460watt power supply, 1TB HD, Vista Premium 64bit for about $1,450.00.

The other choices I am considering are;

2. HP Elite? m9260f, 2.66ghz, Q6700 Quad, 4gb DDR, Geforce 8600GT 512mb, Blu Ray, 350watt power supply, 1 TB HD, Vista Premium 64bit for about $1,149.00.

3. HP Pavilion Media Center m9340f, 2.66ghz, Q6700 Quad, 6gb DDR, Geforce 9500GS 512mb, 400watt power supply, 750gb HD, Vista Premium 64bit for about $1,128.00.

If anyone has better choices or recommendations, based upon the general specs of the HP models that I have mentioned, please advise.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.


Nov 4, 2008
I would recommend checking out the pricing you can get for a custom built model off before you buy one of those. I paid alot less when i custom built my m9200t(and got it w/ 32 instead of 64 bit).

As far as the models you listed: Unless the 1st has blu-ray you can get it for 1300 w/ a 9800GT instead of a 8800GT from the hp site.

For the 2nd model, i would want to know what type of monitor you use, and if you plan to use the blu-ray player much. Also i would check the comparative output of the 8600GT for the 2nd to the 9500GT for the 3rd(i think you can find the specs on wikipedia by searching GeForce 8 series, and 9 series).