Question Can anyone suggest me a RGB mouse with 16.8 million colors?



Google "RGB Mouse colors 16.8 million" - a quick searched revealed quiet a number of such mice - varying manufacturers and sources.


What is driving the requirement to have 16.8 million colors? For the most part having that many colors is probably not of any practical purpose beyond simple marketing and advertising.


I would not be concerned about the overall number of RGB mouse colors. I would be more interested in the comfort, performance, and durability of any given mouse.

Fourth: Wired or wireless mouse? Do you require/want a keyboard and mouse combo?

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All in all consider other mouse requirements - programmable for example. You may need to decide what trade-offs you are willing to make.

Read mouse reviews by independent reviewers. Read mouse User Guides/Manuals - include the "fine print".
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I personally have the ROG Spatha mouse, I like a heavy mouse with high DPI. It is not for everyone but I also have a ROG Galdius which is smaller and lighter connected to my Laptop, but it is to small for me when gaming and nothing is quite in the right place for my grip.

The Spatha is a beast with more buttons than an airplane but it suits my big hand claw grip very well. Ralston18 is right in that how the mouse feels and suits your grip is way more impotrant than the RGB, over the years I have had a lot ranging from cheap Sharkoon to Logitech mice but was never treally happy until I got my present one.