Question Can anyone suggest me a small, light laptop for everyday use?


Oct 16, 2013
• I have a max budget of $300
• I'm looking for something around 11.6 - 14 inches. I need it small and portable.
• I'm ok with 1080p
• I need it to be a portable laptop
• If I can find one that lasts the whole day that would be neat. Maybe 8 hours or so? If that's possible?
• I don't plan to play video games at all. Maybe browser based ones. I'm not much of a gamer anymore.
• I'mma just use the laptop for browsing and document making tbh. For everything else I can use my desktop.
• I'm ok with maybe just 120-240GB storage. Just make sure it's an SSD though.
• I'm looking at maybe Amazon, Newegg, Lazada, or Shopee (last two are local sites). I'm down with getting a used/refurbished one if ever.
• I wanna keep my laptop for a couple years. I wanna see if it can last at least 5.
• No optical drive needed.
• I'm particular to Lenovo and Asus. I try to avoid Dell and HP because I've had awful experience with those in the past, though I wouldn't wanna completely blacklist them if someone can change my mind.
• Philippines
• Additional details: OS will be Linux Mint.