Question Can anyone tell me about quality soundbars

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Aug 9, 2010
Hey Guys, I'm sorry to ask such a broad question, but can anyone explain the difference between
quality soundbars with relevant features vs junk? I know I need it 4K capable for my 4K monitor,
and the HDMI Arc seems necessary for my connections. I read multiple HDMI ports is good
because some TV's "downgrade" to stereo if you don't connect directly to the soundbar (not true
surround) Thanks guys, I welcome your brand recommendations as well


May 10, 2020
True audiophiles will often say that a soundbar isn't the solution for that full range of sound, but soundbars do offer a convenient way to add speakers to a home theater or even a computer. I even use one for my computer instead of desktop speakers.

It sounds like you plan on using a soundbar for a computer configuration too? If that is the case, most small mid-range soundbars will suffice for sitting so close. I wouldn't recommend using HDMI pass-through or ARC on a computer. Not only will your PC not support ARC, but there's no benefit of such on a computer. As for a recommendation, I use the Bose Solo 5.

If this is for a living room or home theater then the story is a little different. TV manufacturers often also make soundbars; such as LG, Samsung, and Sony. These soundbars then have the best connectivity to their respected TVs. For example, my LG soundbar easily and quickly pairs with my LG TV. Whereas it may be a few additional steps to have it pair to my Samsung TV.

Quality comes from the manufacturer and the tune that they apply by default. Big speaker brands such as Samsung and LG will often have soundbars so good that unless you're comparing them to other units, you would be more than happy with the result. It all comes down to how big the drivers are in the speakers, followed by their wattage or how much sound they can pump out.
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