Question Can anyone tell me if my modem's downstream/upstream numbers look in range


May 9, 2010
I have spectrum internet and their forum is completely dead. No answers to my question.

  1. I just would like to know if my modem's (netgear CG3000D) upstream/downstream #'s look to be in good range
  2. I'm also seeing some errors in the event log. Seems like I'm seeing the same errors once or twice a month.
Here are the screen shots of the downstream/upstream channels and also the errors.

downstream power levels are a bit high but if it does not cause issues I would not worry about it.

At first I thought you had all kinds of issues. SYNC and 16 timeout things are real bad they cause the modem to reset. Then I noticed the dates and this is over 6 months.
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Their support forum is probably empty because they actually answer the phone, lol. They are one of the better isps that I've dealt with, not having to search forums for answers.

You may have some signal issues with those timeouts. Try a few different times of the day and days of the week and see if you have any loss. If so, then you can call spectrum to check your modem from their end with a ping.
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