Can ati radeon 5850 play games on 24 inch monitor

ellis hughes

Sep 6, 2011
could a ati radeon 5850 play games like black ops on 24 inch monitor, because of the resolution (by the way i dont know much about gaming pc's)


Sep 17, 2010

A 5850 is fine for a 24" screen, although some games you may want to turn down the graphics in the games video options menu to allow for smoother game play. A 24" screen is typically 1920x1080p or 1920x1200p, which is the same as most 21"-23" screens. Your gameplay experience will also depend on your CPU and ram as well though.

yeah it will suffice @ 1080p (if that is what you have and assuming you have ample cpu, psu and ram... etc, but it just may not be enough to max out 100% of games at 1080p, it depends on the game, however in most games (valve, and console ports) you will be absolutely fine at 1080p and high settings... heck in many games you will be fine, look up some benchmarks on google... in games that are choppy, drop it to medium settings in game or decrease the res to 16X10 and decrease aa and af settings for better framerates...

If you want more performance the next thing to do is start overclocking your gpu and cpu which is also easily attainable but can have a bit of a learning curve if you are not familiar, either way their is plenty of information on the net