Question Can bad or dirty ram slots cause hard freezing?


Jan 15, 2019
PC Specs:
  • CPU:i7- 3770
  • Storage: 240gb ssd
  • RAM: 8gb + 4gb kingston ram
  • GPU: Integrated GPU
  • MOBO : p8h61 r2.0
I switched my motherboard from p8h61 r2.0 to my old p8h61-m lx3 plus r2.0, because my gt 730 died and the p8h61 r2.0 doesn't have a VGA port so I can't use the iGPU that's why I switched to my p8h61-m lx3 plus r2.0. Before switching my mobo I didn't have any issues but after switching to my other mobo its starts hard freezing. I then powered off my computer, but after I turned off my computer I then tried to power it ON but this time it won't turn on(Nothing happens no fans spinning, no boot). I then solved the power issue by resitting 2 of rams. But I resitted the rams like 5 times because It wont turn on immediately.

Does the rams slots need cleaning? or is it a bad ram slot?


Probably, it's neither. Given the age of those motherboards it's highly probably that you simply have failed or faulty boards. Whether from leaking or bulging, or otherwise failing capacitors, or other age related degenerative problems, who knows.

Unless there is VISIBLE corrosion or debris in the slots, or on the contacts in the slots, or on the "gold teeth" of the memory itself, then it's unlikely that the actual DIMM slots are to be blame.

There are just too many reasons that could be the cause including a bent pin on the motherboard, cheap/faulty power supply, the fact that you are trying to run MIXED memory configurations.

Try running with only ONE memory module or the other, and make sure it is installed in the second slot over from the CPU if there are four DIMM slots. Doesn't really much matter which slot you use if there are only two.