can bent mobo pins mess up contact points on cpu (lga 1150)


May 23, 2015
Hello all, I am putting together a new rig and after the out of case test failed to boot bios I pulled the cpu out to notice the pins on my Asus z97-a were bent -.- , there was even a missing pin. So I RMA'd and a dofferent mobo is on the way. My main concern is that the pins may have messed up my cpu (I7-4790K) contact points. I have built many amd based machines but this is my first intel so I am not sure of the possible problems with it being placed on bad pins (I am used to pins being on the cpu haha).Is there a way to check the integrity of it? Any help would be appreciated.
It is unlikely that your cpu has been damaged.
Drop the cpu into the socket carefully and squarely.
Do not try to shift it around because that can damage the pins.

Usually, bent pins are not a valid cause for RMA without a repair fee.
Since you were missing one completely, your RMA is probably OK.

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