can cpu shim cause temp to go up


Jan 12, 2002
I was told that a non-conductive shim for the athlon xp would be better than a copper one. I installed a shim that seems to be made out of cardboard but golden in color. I was told it was not cardboard although it feels and bends like it.

As my recent post, I think 55C is a bit high for an athlon xp 2700+ considering I have the aerocool 7+ running at full speed. Have any of you had any experiences using this type of shim?



I dont use shims, dont need them.
They only true test of a boards temp, is if it crashes.
Sensors are not calibrated, so they are not accurate. All chips run at different temps. A chip is as likely to overheat because of the vreg's heat as it's own.
Run prime95 torture test for a while. If your system fails, you have a problem.


May 30, 2004
I don't use shims either... Reason being is that my experience with them has almost blown my CPU. The shim caused the heatsink to sit above the CPU core. The only thing making connection was the thermal grease. Fortunately I had the good sense to watch the temps in the BIOS. At 65C I shut it down just in time. I put the shim in the trash and reseated the heatsink. Now 53C is max temp at max load. I am running a 2800+ so your temps aren't that bad as long as that is max load.