Question Can external USB powered drives be made to spin down (independently of other hardware) after a certain time of no access (ex 6 hour)?


Dec 14, 2018
Purpose: to reduce wear.

ASUS K55VJ laptop.
External (USB 3.0) powered platter Drive: STBX1000201.
Windows 10 Home. Version: 21H2 OS. Build: 19044.2251

One of three backup drives. Plugged in 100% of the time. The other two gets plugged in once a month for sync up.

PC is powered up all day and night. The external USB is accessed a couple of times a day. There may be days when it's not accessed at all. I wish I could make it spin down automatically after maybe ... six hours.

By "independently" I mean just spinning down the external non accessed USB while C: and other drives are still getting accessed.

Is there a way to make that happen?
I tried setting Power Options -> Change plan settings -> Change advanced power settings -> Hard disk -> Turn off hard disk after -> 1 minute.

No joy. I can feel it vibrating, not to mention the blinking blue led.

Power Options -> Plugged in -> Put the computer to sleep is set "never" because I want the PC to to keep running.

It would be fine if any or all harddrives spun down after six hours of no access. It's just extremely unlikely for C: to ever spin down while PC is used in any way.
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