Can FreeSync (Adaptive Sync) work over 144hz?


Sep 21, 2015

I am going to buy a monitor DELL ALIENWARE AW2518HF, (which is a 240Hz FreeSync monitor).
Almost everyone says that i have to invest in AMD graphics card for this monitor but
I saw a youtuber 'Linus Tech Tips' saying that adaptive sync works between 33 -144Hz.

So i ask what's the point of buying an AMD card for my 240Hz monitor if i WILL NOT be able to play at 240Hz when Freesync is enabled?
Is it better to play PUBG in 180-200 FPS with NVIDIA Card or it's better to play PUBG at 144 FPS which means 144Hz with FreeSync ON?

I am thinking i have to go with NVIDIA 1070 UNLESS there is something i don't know about the FreeSync.

Is there someone that can tell me if that AMD RADEON RX 580 would be a better option than a 1070 (Propably MSI 1070 gaming X) for this 240Hz monitor?

Thank you,


May 1, 2014
There is a good answer about framerate capping/limiting that you can find here:

It is going to be better for you to play PUBG at 144hz with FreeSync on. Freesync works by using variable refresh rates to stop screen tearing from occurring whilst not increasing the input lag.

As an example, there would be no point for me to play with an unlimited frame cap with my PC specs on League of Legends to get 400+FPS. I will have a better experience using GSync with a 144hz refresh cap. I am not doing myself or my PC any good by doing otherwise.

Between the two cards however, the GTX 1070 is a much better choice. Even between the stock cards there is a large difference:

There will probably be very few modern games that you can play at 240hz with 240fps with either of those GPUs. The jump between 144 to 240hz is nothing compared to the difference you will feel between 60 to 144hz.

GSync and FreeSync are very good technologies, but is it nothing worth losing your mind or wallet over. Get the GTX 1070 and have fun playing games at 144hz.