Can GTX 770 with DP 1.2 push more than 100Hz at 3440x1440p? Nvidia custom resolution test successful but no change?


Sep 25, 2017

First part of the question is pretty self explanatory. I have a GTX 770 as a temporary card and a 3440x1440p monitor that OCs to 120Hz (Z35P). According to reviews of the 770, it has DP 1.2 which theoretically has the bandwidth to push 3440x1440p at at least 120Hz. But that's where the second part of the question comes in.

When I go to Nvidia's control panel and try to create a custom resolution of 3440x1440p at 120Hz, it blinks for a second and then the screen comes back and it says the test was successful and asks me to save it. I save it but when I go back nothing changed and no resolutions show up.

Also like to add that when I try to create a custom resolution of 3440x1440p at 101Hz, the screen goes black and I wait for the timer to reset the resolution back to 3440x1440p at 100Hz. Not sure if it means that the monitor can't even go past 100Hz (I doubt it I've set it to OC mode at 120Hz in OSD already) or if the GTX 770 can't go past 100Hz at 3440x1440p.

Does anyone know where the issue lies? Any help would be appreciated!
GTX 770 doesn't support the full bandwidth of DisplayPort 1.2, it only supports pixel rates up to 540 Mpx/s (full support would be 720). Same reason 1440p 165 Hz monitors don't work on Kepler cards either.

3440 × 1440 at 100 Hz is around 530 Mpx/s, while 120 Hz requires upwards of 600 and therefore can't be done on Kepler cards.

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