Hard drives are sealed and should not be tampered with.
Thermal paste is designed to fill in microscopic imperfections in the mounting surfaces between a cooler and the cpu die.
The best thing you can do for heat on a HDD is to give it some airflow.

If you are Having cpu temperatures, that is a different thing.
Provide up with the make/model of your cpu,cooler case and fan arrangement.
Dec 7, 2022
if you're specifically having HDD temp issues the best solution is increasing (laminar) air flow across the HDD surface and let convection handle the rest.

Thermal paste is going to harden and dry and turn into thermal chalk which won't help your poor HDD


Thermal paste is used ONLY BETWEEN a heated device and a heatsink that carries heat away from the device to some other means (like air blown by a fan) of removing the heat. It enhances the rate of heat flow from device to heatsink.

For any HDD the means of removing heat is AIR FLOW over the outer case surface of the unit. Merely covering that case with thermal paste actually would apply an INSULATING layer and make things worse! ADDING some kind of finned heatsink to the HDD would require using a THIN layer of thermal paste between them AND finding a way to ensure the two units are VERY tightly connected. NOTE that, when using this technology on a CPU, the CPU case AND the heatsink contact surfaces are VERY FLAT and polished BARE METAL so that they can make efficient contact for heat transfer. The outer surface of an HDD is PAINTED and that alone is another layer of insulation to interfere! Additionally, the HDD case is FLEXIBLE enough that you can NOT ensure it will remain flat in good contact with another surface.

Don't try this!
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