Can I backup Windows?


Jun 7, 2015
I am a first class newbie when it comes about backup. I didn't need one. No important files,no reason for a backup.
But I signed up for my free upgrade to Win 10 and I want to install it in November or maybe earlier.
What I don't like about this free upgrade is that I don't trust it. And I honestly don't believe they will let us roll back so easily. That's why I want to install it so late after release. However I still am cautious and I want to backup my old system,which is Win 7,just in case.
Now,how do I backup a system? Can I backup the system with files and programs altogether? I am worried about my game (I will be going to university and I don't want to carry all the expansions) and Office 2007 which was not pre-installed and I don't have the usb with it anymore.

Thank you for your time!