Question Can I build gaming PC under 500$ ?

Jul 31, 2021
I like to play games like gta V, far cry primal, Assassin creed orgins, witcher 3.
I have old system Zeb-H61 motherboard lga 1155
2×4GB DDR3 ram
500GB hard drive
i3-2100 processor 3.2GHZ
can I use any of them while building new pc ?
Give me some suggestion on building new pc. Thanks in advance.


I looked on Newegg, but you could look at used items locally and on other sites or maybe a few local stores. A store that recycles computers and parts is worth checking out if you can find a used i5 or the xeon version or a i7. It's possible you can do a bios update so it also supports ivybridge cpus so you have more choices.

A Refurbished R9-290 $200, i5-2400 $45, Cooler Master i71c RGB cooler $20, EVGA 510 BP 80+ Bronze 510w $35, Team Group EX2 1tb SSD $82
= $ 382

The R9-290 is a old hot running card that consumes a massive amount of power to get the job done compared with newer gpus like the RX5500, GTX1650, 1060, ect. This is also why it's not popular with miners because all of the mining earnings would be spent on power.

The ssd should come with software so you can download to clone your existing OS install over to it without having to reinstall windows. Once you get the ssd working correctly with your OS, you can then use the old 500gig for extra space. DON'T WIPE OUT YOUR OLD DRIVE TILL YOUR SURE IT WORKED OUT OK.
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Jun 10, 2021
If you only game have you considered console? Any pc you can build in this price range is going to be significantly behind console graphics. With an XBox Series X/S there are even a handful of games that support keyboard & mouse.
That's if you can even find one. They're still getting sold out everywhere.
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