Question can i change my laptop motherboard with other one from another laptop

Apr 2, 2021
i have a hp 15-ay026nk and i want to get another motherboard that can fit it (like an upgrade) and put a new cpu like i7-2600MK if you now pls help me .
Short answer. No

Longer answer....
In some cases you will find that your specific model of laptop was offered with different components within the same line. In a case like that and under the assumption that things weren't soldered in there are SOMETIMES things like this you can do. It is becoming less and less common.

When I searched your specific model it comes up as one configuration with the Celeron N3060. It does not appear in a quick search that it was offered any other way. It would be highly doubtful that another line of laptop has the exact same configuration of motherboard without also being that same product line.

If I am reading right, looking for a i7 2600 which is an aging model now too, you might be (still) able to locate something like that as a refurb.